Warm neutrals, pops of color, plenty of sunshine.


This open space felt undefined and massive so we added built-ins along the long living room wall for a big impact. The family wanted their style and hobbies to shine, but also be functional and allow them to connect without a TV. The center cabinets hold board games and kid's activities, quickly turning the open floor space into a family gathering. Every age has a place in this room.


web cypress 1.jpg
web cypress 2.jpg

Crafted for play, imagination and rest.


Kids need structure but room to explore and build and imagine. They need a place calm to rest but that also fuels their growing mind. Toy boxes are an easy spot for kids to be successful in picking up. Bins under the bed hold costumes for those random days the imagination needs to run wild. Book racks are accessible, toys for the baby easy to get to. Color themes similar for flexible sleeping arrangements should those change.


web retreat 3.jpg
web retreat 3.jpg