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Almost six years ago we had our first little boy and sixteen months later we had our daughter. Those first two years were chalked full of virus after virus and cold after cold. I had bought a starter kit of oils with our first born but was overwhelmed and didn’t really understand how to use them.

Our little girl struggled with terrible tummy issues as a baby. I mean terrible. Pediatricians said it was normal but I knew there had to be something I could do to help her besides just let her struggle. So I got out my oils book and started utilizing what was in my kit.

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DiGize to the rescue. No joke! It brought quick relief for her so we used it consistently and the problems remediated. Then I saw Peace and Calming in there so started putting that on them at night to help with the frequent waking up. It was so golden! They started getting such good rest. Then I saw the Thieves and we started using that everyday before they got dropped off at Daycare. Colds became fewer and fewer. And on and on down the list. I was in love and so grateful I decided to give oils another shot.

The Winter before our sons second birthday though he came down with a nasty respiratory infection. That cough woke us up in the middle of night and my mommy heart was so worried! I immediately started googling different cough sounds trying to figure out if it was whooping cough, or RSV or what. I had never heard a cough like that before. After I was sure I felt confident I had figured out what he was struggling with, I started looking through my oils book for oils that supported breathing and lungs. I did a quick order in my member portal on Young Living’s site for Thyme and Cypress, both support respiratory function and potentiate the immune system. Those coupled with Raven from my starter kit were a power house!

They helped support his body and fight off the infection in just a few days! We had a recheck with the Pediatrician later that week and he was shocked he had already moved past it saying that usually it lasts 3-4 days longer. I smiled and felt so validated as a mom! I had something in my tool box now that gave me confidence in my ability to mother and care for my babes. It felt amazing!! I officially felt like an #oilymama.

We have grown in the oils we use daily as well as specific things over the years. But, this past year lit a fire under my toosh to not only do my homework again but get back to the regular with oils. Its like an old friend that you love but dont see often, and when you finally do no time was lost.

Oils supported me in pregnancy, hugely in natural labor and delivery, and now with Canaan and his health concerns they have been so very vital in supporting immune function, overall wellness and relieving stress. They are diffused constantly in our house and when the kids ask for medicine, they are referring to oils. They know what helps them and I love that they request it.

We’ve always been pretty healthy in our eating and lifestyle, but this year we have had to really look at labels. Baby’s skin is so sensitive and our daughter developed an eczema patch on her leg that we could not get rid of. We suspected both of their skin trouble was starting in the gut so went to a naturopath to figure out the food allergens that were contributing and started a process, one we are still in, of cutting out toxin laced products from our home and changing our eating. We’ve switched to a mostly Paleo diet and homemake baby’s formula and the home transition is a work in progress.

Its been a big undertaking alongside heart surgeries but we are continuing to take steps to get there because with each one we take, we truly feel better and see HUGE return. My hormones are balancing (amen!). Hubby’s stress is regulating. Baby’s rash went away with diet changes and removing certain products that were touching his skin. Our daughter is stronger now that her gut is balanced and our son’s moods and temperament are more even.

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Did you know the surgeon general has issued a statement saying that the ingredients in American personal care products now pose a greater cancer risk to the public than smoking? Its ok if not…we didn’t know either!

Young Living has proven to be a company I can trust with the people most precious to me. Dish soap, laundry soap, baby products, beauty products, men’s products, kids’ products, supplements, household cleaning stuff…we get a box each month with our supplements, household items, and oils without any stress or second thought to what is in them. Their promise is “seed to seal” which means every bottle and product, they are part of the process from start to finish. From the owning of the farm, to planting the seed, to monitoring the distillation, and bottling/packaging them up. No additives. No secrets.

Know better, do better! What we put in is what comes out. I never realized how much garbage was in the products we used daily, unknowingly fueling ailments we dealt with regularly. No thank you on that anymore! We aren’t 100% there, but we are taking steps closer every month.

The way we initially got started is the way I’d recommend any family interested in getting started with oils and wellness: the Premium Starter Kit.

When you start that way, you also get 24% off of everything, always, which is hugely beneficial when you’re like me and you want to dip your toe into slowly transforming your home little by little.

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The starter kit comes with:
-11 of the most widely used essential oils
-A diffuser of your choice
-Sample packets of our favorite antioxidant drink
-Cute little glass bottles
-Learning literature
-A spot in our Darling Oils community (which doesn’t mean you have to be involved in the business side, no worries) but it does mean you get endless support on how to get the very most out of your oils. I know what it was like to start this and have zero help. I want to plug you in to the resources and education you need to be successful, and build your own family’s tool box to fight sickness and support healthy systems.

You can grab your starter kit on our team HERE.

Once you’re all good to go, let me know via the contact form below, because I will:
-Get you plugged into our Oily group on FB and IG
-Send out a Welcome Pack with some helpful starter kit diffuser and roller recipes, and an IMMUNO-boost roller to hold you over until starter kit arrives
-Send you $25 back
-Celebrate with you!

After seeing first hand in our family and so many others over the years, I want to run with you towards confidence in wellness without all the garbage. Lets kick it out and bring in the good. Know better, do better, right? I am so happy to chat about Young Living with anyone who just wants more information too so drop me a note, and we can set up a time!



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