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October Tablescape and Party Decor: Houston Life

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What an honor to be welcomed on the set of Houston Life and have the opportunity to share with you fun ways to incorporate lettering and calligraphy into your October festivities. If you missed the segment, you can watch it here.

october party.jpg

For lettering practice of the alphabet, tracing paper is great to use over the ABC template I’ll send you when you and you can get that here

For practicing the lettering, these pens are my favorite to learn with. There is a medium and hard brush tip pen and they are both wonderful and so user friendly.

For the balloons lettered for the show, I used the Deco paint pens that Derrick and Lauren practiced with. Its important to remember “three points of contact” to keep the balloon steady.

***Pro-tip*** tie it off with a rubber band so you can letter it before
your party without rushing, and then blow it up when you need to!
Huge time and stress saver.

The other materials used were 110lb. cardstock, glassine bags, washi tape and glue sticks, all available at Hobby Lobby for super cheap.

These were so fun to make for Houston Life but just of few of the ways you can amp up your party “situation.” It really is so simple once you get the basics of letter formation, connections and surfaces.