Book Review: The Big Leap

Brain work is hard work but work worth doing. I sure know I don’t want to live in anxiety or fear or believing I’m not enough or wasn’t meant to have abundance and love and fullness and margin in my life. I want to believe that all things are possible and step into freedom.

And so friend, if you find yourself in that same spot, in that tug of war between right now and what your hoping will be, I want to encourage you with some things that have been speaking to me right in that tension.

I have been reading The Big Leap and I’ll be honest, the first few chapters I was a little skeptical. I had a hard time believing that our beliefs could either foster more positivity and abundance in our life or sabotage it. I had a hard time taking hold of my mind actually governing my outcomes in things. It sounds like a no brainer right now typing it but as I live and breathe, the process of really shifting ones mental space is not easy or natural.

A simple example he gives is positivity. He talks about how positive people naturally have good things happen to them because they primarily are looking for that in everything they encounter and attract that by their nature. Positive people aren’t positive because only good things happen to them but rather, positivity is a lens in which they view life, so bad or good, they find the silver lining.

Same goes for successful people. Successful people aren’t more successful because of advantages or certain skill sets they have, they are successful because they believe they can be, they believe they are deserving of it, and welcome it into all areas of their life. They don’t stifle or self jeopardize themselves, but instead allow themselves to grow into a higher zone of excellence.

He starts by talking about how we place our own limits on ourselves. That we don’t actually have limitations because of our personality or strengths and weaknesses, but instead we have limitations because thats what we decide in our mind. We don’t allow ourselves and believe that we are deserving of more. He calls it our inner thermostat and then shows examples of how when we pass that level of “comfort” in an area be it love, money, abundance, relationships of feeling like it is more than we deserve or can handle, we self sabotage. We get uncomfortable. It was so eye opening to see it talked out in real life stories he shares and relate to it in my own.

A quote I LOVE early on in the book is “in my life I’ve discovered that if I cling to the notion that something is not possible, I am arguing in favor of that very limitation…however, if in our deepest beliefs, we think something is even remotely possible, we owe it to ourselves to find out how.”

He breaks down some of the main fear based beliefs and how those get fleshed out in life. He then offers questions for self reflection and woah, so good. I am just now getting to the last third of the book that dives into strategy for building a new foundation of thinking and I will be SURE to update you, but I thought I’d offer this little bit I’ve learned so far in case any of you are needing that push to really go for it this year.

Your only limitations are the ones you place on yourself.


Vision Board 2019

If you’ve been around my Instagram for any length of time, you know this past year was one of our hardest. You also know that we were loved on and provided for in the craziest ways by God’s faithful hand covering us. My heart has been forever changed and it beats hard for hospitality…to extend the same community and standing in the gaps in real life for others, the way we experienced it because ya’ll, everyone deserves that. Especially those in crisis, but gosh isn’t that just humanity? To relate and be known and love anyways. this is the driving force behind the thoughtful mod podge on canvas I put together.

Im pretty sure we all wrote goals for the year a few weeks ago when reflecting was at a peak and looking forward was filled with hope and ambition. A few weeks into the year though, some goals already fall to the side and we chalk it up to lack of importance or maybe its not for this year. But more often than not its really because habits didn’t change and if there is one thing I know, its if you want different results, you have to build different habits.

So…here are a few frameworks I’ve put in place that are helping keep my goals this year on track. Im no expert, all I can do is share whats working for me, and maybe it works for you too.


:: H O M E ::
- I want our home vibe to be calm and collected but vibrant with life and love. Those aren’t mutually exclusive. We are simplifying “things” and giving what we keep a space. Its easier for things to get back to where they need to go when they aren’t fighting for ranks. Clutter instantly makes my mind go haywire and with three kids it can pile up quick. I don’t want to miss their childhood though because I’m so busy picking up after it. I want to enjoy it with them, and simplifying/organizing has been helping that so much.

- The other big pieces of Home are establishing routines. Morning routine and night routine. Bedtime, wake time. Those two have been missing since pregnancy insomnia with Canaan and it has made a huge impact. So he still gets a medicine and a dream feed bottle at 10p.m. and after that, I go straight to bed. Prior to that I read minimum 15 min., wash my face, brush teeth, get ready for bed. Mornings are challenging for me…I’m not by nature a morning person but its also our hardest, and i mean HARDEST part of day. My oldest shares my apathy towards mornings and so moods are sometimes high. Me getting up before them, reading my Bible, writing a little, gets my mind in the right space to set the tone for everyone else. The have an OK to WAKE clock so until its green, they don’t come out. This time in the morning is protected so I need to take advantage it.

:: H O S P I T A L I T Y ::
- Im doing a Bible Study right now thats studying the biblical definition and example of hospitality, and its much less social entertaining and much more vulnerability. Choosing to live vulnerably with others. A lifestyle of giving and loving, of listening not to solve everyones problems but listening to just love them in their problem. Giving because you have intentionally made margin so you have the bandwidth to do that, when ever it presents itself. Its been so good. So my ultimate goal for Home, really for life, is to live hospitably.

Some other general goals on my board are health, getaways with my love, and work. To me those don’t happen in the way they need to unless the framework within Home and Hospitality are in place. I can’t work out consistently if my body is dead dog tired because I’m being irresponsible with my time. I cant have getaways with my love unless we have built in financial margin to do so, kept our home in order so when we leave it and our kids to someone else its not chaos. And work is just work unless there is purpose behind it…for me, I don’t want to just build a business to make money, I want it to bless and love well.

:: L I V E W E L L - L O V E W E L L ::
Thats my heart for this year! Full, eyes beaming with anticipation and a watchful heart. Some practical things we’ve done to make it happen…

:: P R A C T I C A L S T E P S ::
- Budget - Corie Clark’s Purposeful Planner is amazing for this. We also use Greenlight cards for an electronic envelope system of sorts and its been working really well. Its a little tricky to set up because its intended for kids allowances but where there is a will, there is a way. Its been awesome! The Every Dollar app is fantastic to track purchases and real time progress.
- Simplify - we have gone through each room and just purged anything we don’t need, have not used in six months, or just don’t like. We have organized sentimentals, drawers, and closets maximizing the storage we do have. Less is more is really so true. Think Marie Kondo - does it spark joy?
- Time - I read a quote that said “we become how we use our time.” Gosh I love that! Its helpful to write down your non negotiables…what are the things that you absolutely don’t want to sacrifice. The things that if you are so dang busy, always get done. Then make decisions with your time to support that. If sleep is a struggle, Id start with a consistent bedtime. Draw a line in the sand. Its worth it. And if kids aren’t sleeping, welp, there is an oil for that (for real!)
- Podcasts - They are keeping my brain forward moving. I’ve loved Donald Miller’s Building and Brand Story and also, How I Built That. Both so good!
- Reading - Even if its 15 min here and there, it is so huge to give your mind some unwind time.

Im no expert on time management or goal setting. I’m not a life coach but these have been helping us a lot and we have our sights set on some big things this year. I want to at least look back and know I gave it my best go! Don’t you?

October Tablescape and Party Decor: Houston Life

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 9.35.15 PM.png

What an honor to be welcomed on the set of Houston Life and have the opportunity to share with you fun ways to incorporate lettering and calligraphy into your October festivities. If you missed the segment, you can watch it here.

october party.jpg

For lettering practice of the alphabet, tracing paper is great to use over the ABC template I’ll send you when you and you can get that here

For practicing the lettering, these pens are my favorite to learn with. There is a medium and hard brush tip pen and they are both wonderful and so user friendly.

For the balloons lettered for the show, I used the Deco paint pens that Derrick and Lauren practiced with. Its important to remember “three points of contact” to keep the balloon steady.

***Pro-tip*** tie it off with a rubber band so you can letter it before
your party without rushing, and then blow it up when you need to!
Huge time and stress saver.

The other materials used were 110lb. cardstock, glassine bags, washi tape and glue sticks, all available at Hobby Lobby for super cheap.

These were so fun to make for Houston Life but just of few of the ways you can amp up your party “situation.” It really is so simple once you get the basics of letter formation, connections and surfaces.