Tone and State began from a heart to make art and paper goods that inspired and fostered connection, even in our absence.


From stationery to home design, that heart remains the same…to inspire, encourage and build relationship. My love of home and paper is to equip my clients to intentionally invest in their people and space. Legacy, truth, purpose…those are words I stand on.


Mama. Creative Heart. Avid reader. Writer. Learner. Sharer.

Photos by Ashley Monogue

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Mama Bear

A great refiner and catalyst for so much of what I do. Seeing the world with fresh eyes through the lens of children has reshaped how I view so much. And because of them, I know and depend on Jesus more daily.

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Textures, pattern, arrangement, composition. All outlets for the “need to create” inside of me. I love problem solving and equally love implementing the solution. There is a freedom in fleshing out your personality through creating.

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I am a self taught calligraphy, letterer, stationer, sign painter. I want to take what I’ve learned and share it with you so you can “make” for yourself. There is joy in saying “I made that” and crafting something you are proud of.