Calligrapher and Stationer - Lauren Brod

I am a Calligrapher and Stationer with a love for making memorable moments last. I am passionate about the details whether that is creating and invite suite that gets it just right for your rustic, modern wedding or, custom gift wrap for a special occasion. It all deserves the loveliness and precision that you expect. 

Beyond that, I have been married 8.5 years with two toddler wild hearts. Through life with them, I have learned to never take a moment for granted. Words live beyond minutes, so I believe in encouraging, writing things down, and being intentional about letting those that matter most, know it. That is why I love stationery, gifting, and memorable art prints customized to keep the important things that happen displayed beautifully. 

My inspiration is drawn mostly from nature and natural paper treatments. My style is organic but still refined, housing elements like paper marbling, hand drawn illustration, watercolor, dip dye, and other similar mediums.